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Tailor your perfect honeymoon with our experts. This active honeymoon idea is the perfect combination of adventure by foot, canoe, train and 4WD through the diverse landscapes. Before unwinding in one of Madagascar’s exclusive beach destinations.

Madagascar is a one-off; there is no other place like it. Its landscapes, animals and plants are simply fantastic! Near the equator with an astonishing array of habitats, ranging from rainforests to deserts and from mountain tops to mangrove swamps, it is one of the most important countries for biodiversity on the planet. The tropical climate is a perfect host to the process of nature and, like nowhere else, the variety and richness of life has flourished. We will see much of the unique flora and fauna of Eastern Madagascar on this great tour and the beauty of the North West coast.
As part of our commitment to responsible travel and in conjunction with we finance a tree nursery and orchard in Italavina – which is a long term reforestation project.

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Day 1: Antananarivo

After arriving in Antananarivo (or Tana, as it is known by the locals) late pm, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel.

Antananarivo is the capital and largest city in Madagascar. It is buzzing with activity and full of people flooding the streets, selling everything you could imagine! Tana (as the locals call it) resembles a Mediterranean hill town and exploring its rich cultural and architectural sites on foot is relatively easy (as long as you are willing to climb hundreds of ancient stone steps).

Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Andasibe National Park (B,L,D)

This morning you will be met with your guide and driver who will be with you for the next 13 days we will drive for 2h to arrive to Andasibe National Park. (approx. 2 – 3 hours driving time).  En-route we will stop at a farm specialising in Madagascan reptiles and butterflies. This afternoon you will get a chance to stroll around the private reserve  – lemur island with the opportunity to spot lemurs and crocodiles. This evening, take a twilight/nocturnal walk, looking out for the nocturnal species of lemur by catching their eyes in the torchlight.


Overnight Hotel


Day 3: Vakona Forest (B,L,D)

Today we will explore Andasibe National Park.

Overnight Hotel


Day 4: Ambatolampy and Antsirabe (B,L,D)

After breakfast you will meet your guide and we will set out by car to Antsirabe.

Antsirabe is a tidy, well maintained town which combines the tranquility of a small European provincial town with the exuberance of traditional Malagasy buildings. The third largest city in Madagascar, Antsirabe is known for its relatively cool climate (as the rest of the central region of the country), its industry and the high concentration of pulled rickshaws.

The journey takes approx. 6 hours on a good, windy road, and along the way you can choose to stop off and visit Ambatolampy (the biggest town between Tana and Antsirabe) where we may get the chance to see craftsmen building aluminium pots amongst other things.

Upon arrival at Antsirabe you could visit the stone cutting workshop where they cut crystals according to what time we will arrive in the city.

Overnight Hotel.

Day 5: Antsirambe & Sahambavy (B,L,D)

Today, we will head to  Sahambavy (driving time 5 hours).

Sahambavy is a small town on the railway from Mankarana to Fianarantsoa. Its main attraction is the Sahambavy Lake, nested at the foot of a hill. It is also famed for the only Madagascan tea plantations.

Upon arrival, if time allows, we can visit the plantations and tonight we will stay at the Lac Hôtel with a breathtaking view of the islands unique tea plantation (520 hectares) which spreads out as far as the eye can see. The beautiful landscape with the charming lake is the perfect destination for a relaxing stop-off.

Overnight Hotel


Day 6: Train to Manakara, Canoe the Faraony River (B,L,D)

Today we head out on the next part of our adventure from Fianarantsoa to Manakara (by train and canoe!). The trip will take us trough dense forests and along a calm river (the few rapids we will encounter of the next few days are gentle and can be avoided if you don’t want the potential of a swim….. that said the first rapid tends to be the one to catch most of us out)

We start by a half day train journey through scenic and interesting landscapes. The train ride takes approximately 5-6 hours. We will be travelling on reserved 1st class seats (the train can get pretty full!) and will disembark in Manampatrana, where the Faraony river winds gently between boulders, cliffs and cultivated banks.

We will meet our canoe team and set off on a short canoe downstream (grade 1 and 2 rapids)   before stopping on one of the beaches to setup camp (afternoon showers are not unusual in this area).  Your guides and canoe team are in charge of all the logistics (food, firewood etc.) and you only have to put up your own tent. All meals, mainly from fresh and local products are generously served and prepared with care.

Overnight Camp

Day 7-8: Canoeing the Faraony River (B,L,D)

Days spent canoeing

The Faraony, like many rivers in this region seem to bear exploitable amounts of precious minerals so there are ‘gold rushes’ on many of the river bends. We will have the chance to observe hundreds of smiling folks digging and sifting patiently through the sands and gravel.

We will have the chance to observe hundreds of smiling folks digging and sifting patiently through the sands and gravel.

Overnight Camp

Day 9: Ranomafana (B,L,D)

This morning we will lay up our canoes and say goodbye to the Faraony – from here onwards the river starts to flow furiously through rapids and cataracts so we abandon it in its ocean race. From here we have a 4 – 5 hour trek, where we will rendezvous with our driver and vehicle before heading to Ranomafana (driving time – approx 4 hours). After our check-in at the hotel, you will have the option to relax at Ranomafana baths.

Overnight Lodge

Day 10: Ranomafana National Park (B,L,D)

We will head out on a forest trail today and have lunch in the park, so we should get a chance to see much of the wildlife first hand throughout the day.

Ranomafana is particularly rich and beautiful, a mountainous subtropical park which contains lowland moist forest, cloud forest and high plateau forest and is the home to a large number of lemur species (13 in total), as well as 118 birds and more than 70 amphibians and reptiles so is really a great place to see some of the unique species living in Madagascar. Lemurs include the brown lemur, golden bamboo lemur and the exceptionally rare greater bamboo lemur which is relatively easy to see in Ranomafana. Wildlife viewing is good all year round but is most productive from mid-Sept to May.

Overnight Lodge

Day 11: Anja and Tsaranoro Valley (B,L,D)

After breakfast, we will start our drive to Anja park, which lasts a little more than 3 hours.

This afternoon we visit Anja park.

Created in 2001 and located near Ambalavao, the Anja Community Reserve is a woodland area and freshwater lake, at the base a large cliff. Most of the reserve is dominated by fallen rocks and boulders but interestingly there are two small caves providing habitat for bats and owls. The reserve was created to help preserve the local environment and wildlife and is one of the more touristy places you visit, however is perfect for lovers of walking and wildlife and offers a unique occasion to interact with ‘wild’ ring-tailed lemurs somewhere between tamed and familiar!

After visiting the reserve we will drive to our next destination – the Tsaranoro Valley (1 ½ hrs away).

Our accommodation here will be a traditional bungalow at Camp Catta situated at the foot of Tsaranoro’s cliff.

Overnight Bungalows

Day 12: Discovering Tsaranoro Valley (B,L,D)

We will spend today exploring this stunning area on foot and meeting all the locals.

Visiting the Tsaranoro Valley is a fantastic opportunity to see Madagascar in all its natural glory. Prepare to be enchanted by the astounding landscapes, stunning red land and the beautiful and awe-inspiring Massif of Andringitra. You will be able to see many kinds of orchids, three sorts of palms including one kind which is endemic to the Andringitra, chameleons, lizards, snakes, batrachians, birds including the famous peregrine falcon as well as the especially friendly Catta (ring-tailed) Lemurs living in small families around the camp. The spectacular rock walls of the massif and the mind-blowingly beautiful valley offer numerous climbing routes and hiking trails and a thriving village which can be visited.

We will also have the chance to visit Tsarasoa, which is the base for our local agents reforestation effort (a passion which is shared (via wood-en-stock) by Pioneer Expeditions). Here we will have the opportunity to visit and see the reforestation effort for ourselves. Depending on the time of year we may also get to plant some young saplings.

Overnight Bungalow

Day 13: Ambositra (B,L,D)

Today we must start our long journey back to Tana, so we will head to Ambositra (Driving time – 8h).

Ambositra is a city in central Madagascar. High on a plateau surrounded by misty green peaks, It is also the arts-and-crafts capital of Madagascar and there are over 25 artisans’ shops, selling woodcarvings, raffia baskets, polished stones, marquetry (objects inlaid with colored woods) and paintings. Ambositra is a picturesque and lively town, full of tall red-brick Betsileo houses lining its crooked streets.

Overnight Hotel

Day 14: Back to Tana (B)

We will head back to Tana today (Driving time – 5h). You will have time to visit the handicraft market in Tana and enjoy the rest of the day as wish.

Overnight Hotel

Day 15: Anjajavy (B,D)

You will take the early morning flight on day 3 getting you to Anjajavy at 8.30am.

Your journey starts as soon as you approach the landing strip of Anjajavy: you will overfly the forests, then the mangrove swamps, turn to your right above the sea and land on the red earth of the peninsula…

The transfer from the airport to the lodge will already enable you to encounter strange animals and to glimpse the baobabs.

On arrival at the lodge you will certainly be conquered by the luxuriance of the native vegetation visible in the oasis.

But it is only in the following 5 days that you will take full measure of the forest, the secret creeks, the sea which uncovers immense beaches at low tide, the moving mangroves and their mysterious birds, the jagged coral ruins on which only the wild trees of Madagascar are capable of growing…

Overnight Hotel

Day 16-19: Anjajavy (B,D)

This morning we can spend a couple of hours rafting on the Namorana river inside the National Park before setting off to Ambalavao (Driving Time – 3h). We will get a chance to visit the attractive town of Ambalavao, a small town typical of the Central Highlands renowned for its wooden balconies with elaborate carvings, papermaking and a lively cattle market – before heading to our hotel and some time to relax.

Overnight Hotel

Day 20: Flight to Tana (B,D)

You will leave your piece of paradise and take the morning flight back to Tana.

Upon arrival in Tana you will get a chance to visit the local handicraft market (if you are interested) and then will have a day use room of an airport hotel. We will transfer you to the airport around 10pm in time for your flight home.

Day 21: Flight home (B)

You will arrive home during the day.

NB: This itinerary is subject to change – arrangements, routes and facilities are subject to variation depending on local conditions. Additionally, we individually tailor all of our honeymoon itineraries based on our guests requirements with the aim of designing a trip with the perfect balance of comfort, authenticity, adventure and exclusivity.


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Pioneer Expeditions
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
byG. Lambert onPioneer Expeditions
Madagascar Honeymoon Adventure

First I want to thank you all at Pioneer and the team in Madagascar for making our holiday so great. Our guide and driver were superb even though Mami, our guide, was given to underestimating the length and difficulty of some of the walks! This is not a criticism at all as he learned that we are not dedicated hikers. Some of the hotels were really lovely especially Ranomafana, Isalo, Tulear and Anakao.
We managed to see many different Lemurs, Chameleon and birds. We especially enjoyed Ranomafana for the wildlife including seeing Mouse Lemurs.
I loved the idiosyncrasies of the country which is unbelievably beautiful in each unique area. The people were friendly and approachable. We were able to have the flexibility to vary the itinerary slightly.
We were disappointed not to have the opportunity to get the train to Sahambavy (it was not running that day) but saw it pull into the station the following day. We would have loved one of the chalets over the water at the Lac Hotel but enjoyed the lovely garden and views. Maami arranged to take us to a large local market where we took some brilliant photos.
We were given some fantastic rooms, especially in Tulear where we had a 3 room suite! We were also given a huge room in Anakao right on the beach.
There were also touch’s that we had not expected but were very welcome such as the use of a hotel in Tulear on the way back to Tana instead of waiting at the airport. It was great to have the room in Tana prior to going to the airport for the flight home.
I can't wait to go back. Perhaps you could suggest an itinerary taking in the north. Probably next year.
Thanks again

byAmanda Mead onPioneer Expeditions

Personalised tour for just the 2 of us was fab, especially as i was unwell, and it was our honeymoon so it was lovely just the 2 of us Seeing and hearing the Indri in Andasibe...i will never forget that haunting sound!!
Bakuba was amazing!!! Ocean View Anakao incredible...The Cristo hotel...wouldn't use again...rooms not clean, food terrible but owners really lovely Breathtaking, diverse, a must for any traveller

byMr & Mrs Rolfe onPioneer Expeditions
Honeymoon Madagascar

For a honeymoon Madagascar can be a fantastic mix of idyllic eco friendly beach resorts and 'real travel' through a little explored country with stunning wildlife and scenery and lovely friendly people

  • Duration21 days/20 nights
  • Price£3,750$4,795
    full board, excludes international flights
  • Tailormade DeparturesMar - Dec. On request

Extraordinary Sights

White ruffed lemur. Lemur island Andasibe National Park Ranomafana National Park Ranomafana National Park Canoe the Faraony River One of the few rapids on the Faraony En route to Isalo National Park Isalo National Park A natural swimming pool at Isalo National Park Ring Tailed Lemur Ring tailed lemur and baby Malagasy Women Anjajavy beach A Luxury break at Anjajavy Anjajavy hotel view Anjajavy baobabs The magnificent Coquerels Sifaka At Anjajavy Anjajavy Creek Beach
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