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Modern alphabet is developped by Phoenicians

Art rock reprensenting a Phoenician ship



The expedition not only focuses on adventure and discovery but also on history, education and culture and presents a great opportunity for schools to:


Learn about:

  • The Ancient World, its trade & explorers
  • The Vikings and the Americas
  • Exploration in Elizabethan & more recent times



Read reports and daily blogs

  • To follow the expedition's progress
  • To develop classroom projects in a cross-curricular approach


The Phoenicia teaching resources CD for primary and secondary ages is now available and can be purchased from LCP. You will find teaching courses and activities about Phoenicians (Arts, culture, trade, colonies, daily life, religion.)


French readers may be interested in this website:

Another good resource:

An excellent video giving the background to the maritime exploits of the Phoenicians is presented below