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Columbus about to set sail to the New World in 1492 (Picture credit CNN)

Part of Piri Reis map dated to 1513 (Picture credit Wikipedia)

Aims & Objectives


Crossing the Atlantic is an ambitious challenge as the Atlantic winds and storms are powerful and unforgiving to any sailor. However, it is a quest that is crying out to be attempted and which promises to shed new light on one of history's greatest mysteries.


The project aims in brief

  • To publicise the maritime skills and achievements of the Phoenicians through a wide range of media and to assist in the preservation of an ancient cultural heritage.

  • To test, as an exercise in experimental archaeology, the performance characteristics of the Phoenician/Mediterranean ship under sail.

  • To provide a number of young adults with the opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime adventure and international community project.

  • To know if Phoenicians had the capabilities to cross the Atlantic two thousand years before Columbus.

Earliest known map of the Gulfstream by B.Franklin (1770)